Photo by Chris Ray

Welcome to J/105 Fleet #1, the largest one-design keelboat fleet on San Francisco Bay!

All Members

Name Boat Group Yacht Club Last Updated
Jamie Energy former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Roscoe crews None 11/16/14
Chad owners 6/7/17
Les associate members None 10/24/16
Sonya crews None 4/9/13
Linda crews South Beach YC 5/29/13
Chris crews 5/23/13
Gregory crews 7/8/13
Thomas crews 9/18/13
Rosann crews 8/29/16
Bram crews 8/18/14
Laurie crews 3/12/14
Andrew crews None 3/18/14
Robert crews None 3/12/15
Alessandro crews 4/26/15
Jason crews 8/20/15
Mark crews 6/13/17
Vadim (Dima) crews 6/6/17
Frank Allison crews St. Francis YC 2/8/13
Ron Anderson Streaker former owners St. Francis YC 3/14/13
Steve Bagby crews None 5/16/14
Nima Baiati crews None 8/8/11
Doug Bailey Akula owners St. Francis YC 2/24/10
Peter Baldwin BigBuoys owners 7/25/16
Joe Beare crews 5/2/14
Alex Bell crews 10/27/15
Michael Bender crews 2/8/13
Pat Benedict Advantage3 owners
Will Benedict Advantage3 owners St. Francis YC 3/27/12
Kevin Berry crews None 6/21/12
Mark Billingsby crews None 12/4/14
Ivy Binns crews None 5/14/13
Cory birnberg crews None 4/17/12
Bruce Blackie OO7 former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Joao Botto crews 1/20/14
Theresa Brandner Walloping Swede owners St. Francis YC 7/25/16
Kira Britt crews 6/10/15
Michael Brown crews St. Francis YC 10/12/11
Jen Browne Snyder crews St. Francis YC 3/22/11
Richard Butts Melilani owners Sequoia YC 5/6/15

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