Photo by Chris Ray

Welcome to J/105 Fleet #1, the largest one-design keelboat fleet on San Francisco Bay!

All Members

Name Boat Group Yacht Club Last Updated
Kira Britt crews 8/25/17
Michael Brown crews St. Francis YC 10/12/11
Jen Browne Snyder crews St. Francis YC 3/22/11
Richard Butts Melilani owners Sequoia YC 5/6/15
Jason C crews None 4/28/14
Paolo Calafiura JGPC former owners Berkeley YC 3/14/13
Mikael Calando crews South Beach YC 5/8/12
Brian Capehart crews Berkeley YC 4/21/14
John Case Mojo owners Santa Cruz YC
Jeff Chinnock crews None 2/9/12
Chuck Cihak Hazardous Waste owners Sausalito YC 4/27/11
Brian Cogley crews 3/5/13
Brian Cogley crews None 8/30/12
Elijah Colby crews St. Francis YC 4/14/13
Ted Conrads former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Rob Cooper Natural Blonde former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Jim Courcier crews None 6/11/17
Rich Craig Lightwave former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Tom Crowell crews None 6/22/12
Jon Danckwerth crews None 3/26/11
Frank David crews None 1/21/11
Lynn Davis crews None 6/27/11
Josh Daymont crews None 2/20/12
Dennis Deisinger Natural Blonde former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Shyam Desai crews Richmond YC 4/14/11
JC Devilla crews 10/17/13
dean dietrich crews None 2/4/13
Ed Dodds crews St. Francis YC 1/12/13
Pat Doyle Spartan owners None 5/20/15
Robin Driscoll One Trick Pony former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Thomas Dyas crews None 1/18/11
Andreas Eieland crews None 4/18/13
Pop Eye crews St. Francis YC 9/4/12
Liz Felando crews None 7/5/11
Ryan Fenchel Sophia owners None 1/9/12
Jim Feuille The Four C's former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Julie Fineman crews None 1/2/14
Anders Finn crews None 8/22/11
Jake Freimer crews None 3/22/12
Francie Fridell Breeze former owners Tiburon YC 2/22/13

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