Photo by Chris Ray

Welcome to J/105 Fleet #1, the largest one-design keelboat fleet on San Francisco Bay!

All Members

Name Boat Group Yacht Club Last Updated
John Paul crews None 9/24/11
Chris Perkins Good Timin' owners St. Francis YC 4/6/13
Phil Perkins Good Timin' former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
John Perkowski crews St. Francis YC 9/20/11
peter peterson crews Berkeley YC 6/18/15
Gregory Phipps associate members None 1/9/11
charles pick Box of Rain owners 5/1/17
Roger Pierce crews None 5/20/12
Richard Pipkin RacerX former owners 3/14/13
Sergei Podshialov Javelin owners None 4/12/13
Ariel Poler Juxtapose former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Lisa Pratt crews Tiburon YC 7/28/11
Michael Radcliffe associate members Sausalito YC 7/21/12
Eric Raff J Tripper former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Andrew Redfern crews 9/20/13
JC Reeves crews St. Francis YC 9/21/15
Josh Reisberg associate members None 11/4/10
Paul Reyff Jabberwocky former owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
John Robison Lightwave owners None 4/18/12
Saul Rosen crews None 8/29/11
Megan Runyon crews San Francisco YC 5/1/13
Timothy Russell Aquavit former owners San Francisco YC 2/22/13
Alison Russell crews San Francisco YC 12/31/14
Shannon Ryan Donkey Jack owners St. Francis YC 7/31/11
Dana Sack Hazardous Waste owners St. Francis YC 2/22/13
Walter Sanford Alchemy owners San Francisco YC 8/31/09
Al Sargent crews St. Francis YC 11/13/11
Artem Savinov Yunona owners None 4/17/15
Tom Schmitz crews None 3/12/13
Scott Sellers crews 2/22/13
Scooter Simmons Blackhawk owners San Francisco YC
Ryan Simmons Blackhawk owners San Francisco YC 12/29/16
Chelsea Simms crews None 3/30/11
Chelsea Simms crews St. Francis YC 9/4/13
Ian Simons crews None 8/6/12
Courtney Smith crews None 1/20/11
Stephan Sonnenschein crews None 1/11/11
Adam Spiegel Jam Session owners None 2/14/11
eric stang JuJu owners 5/1/17
Ryan Stenson crews None 7/30/12

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