Photo by Chris Ray

Welcome to J/105 Fleet #1, the largest one-design keelboat fleet on San Francisco Bay!

All Members

Name Boat Group Yacht Club Last Updated
stephen Johnson associate members Berkeley YC 4/26/12
Michael Radcliffe associate members Sausalito YC 7/21/12
John McCory associate members San Francisco YC 1/18/13
Les associate members None 10/24/16
Lisa Zittel associate members 7/29/09
Kenyon Martin associate members None 4/24/12
William McBride associate members St. Francis YC 11/3/09
Jim Zaky associate members None 3/25/10
brad whitaker associate members St. Francis YC 4/30/10
Josh Reisberg associate members None 11/4/10
Gregory Phipps associate members None 1/9/11
CharlesTewEM associate members Singlehanded Sailing Society 9/12/17
David Kaiser Anna Laura crews St. Francis YC 3/26/12
Brian Cogley crews 3/5/13
Tom Schmitz crews None 3/12/13
Bill Higgins crews St. Francis YC 3/27/13
Scott Sellers crews 2/22/13
Sven Junkergard crews None 7/30/13
Roscoe crews None 11/16/14
Megan Runyon crews San Francisco YC 5/1/13
Mikael Calando crews South Beach YC 5/8/12
Jason Lin crews None 5/18/12
Roger Pierce crews None 5/20/12
Ryan Stenson crews None 7/30/12
Andreas Eieland crews None 4/18/13
Eric Mais crews St. Francis YC 6/9/12
Jennifer Hinkel crews None 6/13/12
Tom Crowell crews None 6/22/12
Michael Bender crews 2/8/13
Rick Nelson crews St. Francis YC 3/26/12
Cindy Wilcox crews None 8/23/12
Ian Simons crews None 8/6/12
Brian Capehart crews Berkeley YC 4/21/14
Brian Cogley crews None 8/30/12
Pop Eye crews St. Francis YC 9/4/12
Kristine Stratton crews None 8/4/13
Alexis Midon crews None 1/20/13
Nima Baiati crews None 8/8/11
Marc Kasanin crews San Francisco YC 4/12/11
Madeleine Wu crews St. Francis YC 8/25/11

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