Photo by Chris Ray

Welcome to J/105 Fleet #1, the largest one-design keelboat fleet on San Francisco Bay!

All Members

Name Boat Group Yacht Club Last Updated
Pat Benedict Advantage3 owners
Jason Woodley Risk owners
Tim Sullivan JuJu owners
John Case Mojo owners Santa Cruz YC
Scooter Simmons Blackhawk owners San Francisco YC
Tom Kennelly Wonder owners Richmond YC 4/24/09
Rolf Kaiser Donkey Jack owners St. Francis YC 4/27/09
Bruce Stone Arbitrage owners St. Francis YC 5/1/09
Lisa Zittel associate members 7/29/09
Walter Sanford Alchemy owners San Francisco YC 8/31/09
Bill Hoehler Joy Ride owners Tiburon YC 9/10/09
William McBride associate members St. Francis YC 11/3/09
Doug Bailey Akula owners St. Francis YC 2/24/10
Jim Zaky associate members None 3/25/10
brad whitaker associate members St. Francis YC 4/30/10
Josh Reisberg associate members None 11/4/10
Gregory Phipps associate members None 1/9/11
Stephan Sonnenschein crews None 1/11/11
Amanda Mason crews None 1/15/11
Thomas Dyas crews None 1/18/11
Courtney Smith crews None 1/20/11
Frank David crews None 1/21/11
Adam Spiegel Jam Session owners None 2/14/11
Mark Lazar crews None 3/9/11
Charlie Hopper crews None 3/18/11
Jen Browne Snyder crews St. Francis YC 3/22/11
Jon Danckwerth crews None 3/26/11
Chelsea Simms crews None 3/30/11
Maura Winston crews St. Francis YC 4/5/11
Jan Vogel crews None 4/8/11
Marc Kasanin crews San Francisco YC 4/12/11
Shyam Desai crews Richmond YC 4/14/11
Chuck Cihak Hazardous Waste owners Sausalito YC 4/27/11
Jim Macove crews St. Francis YC 6/5/11
Katie Malone crews None 6/6/11
Kristin Maberry crews St. Francis YC 6/17/11
John Marttin crews None 6/18/11
Justin Griffin crews None 6/22/11
Andrea Nelson crews None 6/23/11
Lynn Davis crews None 6/27/11

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